Just Do Something - Book Review

This book written by Kevin DeYoung is a great read. If you are one that is having a difficult time making a decision and you are waiting for a sign or moving of God, then I think that this book will assist you to steer your decision making in the right direction. Pastor DeYoung gives Biblical teachings for how we as Christians should and shouldn't make decisions in life. He also addresses the issue of how many Christians fall into the trap of over-spiritualizing their decisions and how it can actually be un-spiritual and a form of disobedience to God. The book encourages faith in God rather than the desire to know everything that isn't posted in His Word. Also, it brings the reader down to a level that is full of faith, hope, and freedom, but well grounded in the truth along with what I would call good-ole common sense. I strongly recommend this book, and it isn't too long either. I read it in three days. Check it out!


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