Don't Expect a Perfect Repentance - Paul Washer

I listened to the audio below and thought that I would share.  The type of message that has typically been preached for years in America and much of the world is based on a simple one-step transaction and doesn't lead to true repentance.  That is because those who believe in such a method aren't trusting in God but rather a formula.  A get out of jail free card.  True salvation not only involves a decision, but also a lifelong commitment.  A commitment to follow Christ on the narrow path and forsake all for Him.  However, those of us who believe the mystery of salvation by grace through faith have to be careful in how we judge the fruit of true repentance.  Pride will lead us to legalism and we have the potential to destroy rather than nurture faith in ourselves and others.  The video below presents a challenge to all of us who are seeking to grow in repentance everyday.


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