God Grant Me True Contrition

I ask God everyday to grant me true contrition, because I sometimes think that I am becoming hardened toward God when I sin. Sometimes, I think that the only reason I ask for forgiveness is because I want forgiveness, but am not truly sorry in my heart and mind. This is especially true with habitual sins. 2 Corinthians 7:10 (NKJV) states: "For godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death." False humility is produced from a worldly sorrow, which is rooted in Pride and not in Faith or Love toward God. I think that a good example would be when a wrong is done against someone whatever it may be, and the feeling from the perpetrator is a sorrow for the consequence rather than the wrong done. I see this in children and adults alike. One is just a little more mature than the other (usually). Two examples that I can think of in the Bible are Cain and Judas Iscariot. Cain was sorrowful for the curse that God had placed on him for the murder of his brother. However, he had no true remorse for killing Abel. Judas felt sorrow because of what he had done to Christ, but instead of repenting, he destroyed himself. That is worldly sorrow. Godly sorrow (contrition) is sorrow that leads to true repentance. A couple of examples would be King David and Peter. David had committed adultery and murder. Nathan the prophet confronted him. When David had seen what he had done and he had offended a God that he loved, immediately he confessed and repented of his sins. He also accepted the consequence of his actions. Peter denied Christ three times. Once he realized what he had done, sorrow consumed him. It took him a little while to come around. Nevertheless, he confessed, repented, and made it through the fiery test. He didn't destroy himself like Judas did. The evidence of Peter's endurance also proved that the prayers of Jesus Christ do not come back void. Jesus prayed for Peter. Peter failed but not ultimately. You could say that he lost a battle, but not the war. If an individual has sinned, I hope that the consequences, whether in this life or the life to come are not the only deterrent. I hope that a love of God is enough to posess one to truly confess and repent. If someone is caught in a habitual sin, they should not give up hope and destroy themselves. It doesn't matter how long they have been a slave to it. God can pull anyone out of it, but they must decide what is most precious. The fix or addiction? or a Holy God who has given His Son as a ransom for the Elect? He that endures to the end will be saved, and those that are His will not be plucked out of His hand. One must ask: "Do I love God?" "Am I truly sorry for my sin, or am I just sorry because I got caught or am in danger of hell?" "Am I going to give up, or keep fighting?" Are you a Cain or Judas? or are you a David or Peter? I ask myself these things often. Contrition is sorrow for and detestation of sin with a true purpose of amendment, arising from a love of God. It is the combination of authentic sorrow with a resolve to turn from a sin permanently, and it is a result of true love and affection for God. True contrition. "Oh God grant me true contrition that I may not dishonor thee nor cause pain to my neighbor. Amen."

Below is a link to a blog post that I found extremely encouraging concerning a true love for God. I hope that you like it too.

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  1. No child is in danger of a hell fire for any reason it is a lie of the devil and is now proven to the world...
    A woman delivers Jesus Rev 12:5, Rev 12:13 restoring Acts 3:21 the true word John 1:1 to the world before his return. This woman exposes the lies of Satan who has deceived the whole world Rev 12:9.This woman creates a new thing in the earth by fulfilling God's promise to Eve Gen 3:15, Jer 31:22, Isa 14:16. She is like unto Moses Acts 3:22, Num 12:3 and she is also like Elijah for her witness alone turns the hearts of the fathers to the children Mal 4:5-6 to prepare a people for the Lords return before the great and dreadful day of the Lord Matt 17:3, Luke 9:30. Moses and Elijah are together with the word Matt 17:3, Matt 17:11.
    Woe on those who will not hear Acts 3:23 the true word of God commanded to be written and delivered to the world free of charge, as a witness, at the heel of time. This true word turns the hearts of the fathers to the children of God because not one child of God will be put in a hell fire no matter what sins. Prove all things. Be a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. Please, do not judge this unless you read it all first Pro 18:13 http://minigoodtale.blogspot.com
    perfect love casts out fear

  2. Val, I have to respectfully disagree with your stance. I viewed your blog. There are too many places in the Bible that speak of the existence of hell and the lake of fire. The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ spoke of it many times. He even described the permanence and torment that will exist in both places.

    -It involves separation from God, being cast away from His presence.

    -It involves depravation of that which is most foundational to our existence: light.

    -It means being cast into outer darkness. And you know something of the sense of utter disorientation that comes into your breast as you realize that you are lost in the dark.

    I truly understand your desire to wish for everyone to go to heaven. That desire should lead us to do more evangelism and to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ whenever and wherever we can. From what I have seen within the context of the Bible as a whole, I do not see a message that contradicts the traditional view of hell. In fact, the Scripture that I used for the theme of this blog Matthew 7:13-14 proves that there is a narrow path that leads to salvation and there are few that find it. Why that is ultimately true, God only knows. Nevertheless, I believe the Bible and will accept it as is. Below is a link that I recommend that you view. Before you judge, I am hopeful that you will read it and consider all of the Bible (including the references that you provided) before responding. After you do the research, if you still disagree, we will have to agree to disagree. Have a good day.



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