What Do You Believe About Hell?

There has been an awful lot of debate in recent days concerning the reality of hell.  This is not a new debate, it has been going on for years.  Hell is described in such graphic and horrid terms, it is hard for one to think that a Loving God would send anyone there.  One reason why people have a hard time is because they don't see what the Bible says about God, and they are also judging Him as if He were a mere man.  The recent debate over Rob Bell's up and coming book has caused me to look into this issue more.  I didn't even realize how bad I needed to revisit the doctrine of hell.  It has raised some questions in my mind.  The main question I think that should be asked is:  "Do I really love God?"  "Do you really love God?"  That is the question.  Also, what are the grounds for one to be condemned to hell?  Why does God send some and not others to hell?  What did Jesus say about hell?  These questions and many more are ones that I have had.  I was doing some research and came across two sermons from John Piper's ministry on this subject.  There is no video, but there is an audio.  I listened to both and can say that they have challenged me to ask myself many questions.  They have also provided sufficient answers to some of the questions above.  The links to both sermons are below, and I hope that you will listen to these sermons and seek out the truth for yourself.

The Echo and Insufficiency of Hell, Part 1

The Echo and Insufficiency of Hell, Part 2


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