What is the Real Gospel of Jesus Christ? What are the Fakes?

There are so many different ideas out there about what the Bible says about Jesus, and the good news.  There is one right message, and there are many counterfeit messages as well.  There is a book by a man named Trevin Wax, and below is a link to his blog.  There, you can get more information about his book.  The book is called "Counterfeit Gospels: rediscovering the good news in a world of false hope." It looks like a good book to test yourself with.  On his blog, Trevin lays out a chart that I have posted below.  It is a good guage to begin examining thoughts concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Trevins Blog is: Kingdom People.

I recommend studying the Bible thoroughly and consider every word, even the hard ones to accept before forming an opinion about what it says about Jesus.  I recommend clicking on this link to check out the Gospel as a three legged stool.  I think that it is a helpful analogy concerning the thoughts about the true gospel of Jesus Christ. 


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