What is Tolerance? Has Its Meaning Changed?

What is tolerance? Webster defines it this way: "The power or capacity of enduring; or the act of enduring."

Interesting.  There is a lot of lingo these days in books, TV, Internet, and much more dealing with the subject of tolerance and intolerance.  I am finding out that the word is being misused severely and it truly disturbs me.  I am not sure that this needs to be tolerated! 

The reality is that words are being redefined constantly and that makes for a difficult and confusing situation.  English in and of itself isn't a pure language, and it has evolved throughout the centuries.  Its beginnings are interesting.  The English language contains a great deal of Latin, Greek, Celtic, dutch, and much more.  Old English looked nothing like our English today, and I am not referring to the Kings English. In fact, the Kings English is considered to be modern English.  Old English however is entirely different.  Old English doesn't even sound like modern English when we it is read.  One example is as follows.

This is the first page of Beowulf.  This is old English.  If you want more on the subject of the English language go here.  Also, there are a few good YouTube videos about the subject.  Really interesting.  I have learned a great deal about some of my ancestors in the process.  By the way, if it wasn't for Christ and the spread of the Gospel in Europe, history would be quite different.  My ancestors were barbarians, and it was Christianity that civilized them.  "Christianity brought peace."

My point in all of this is that there is a movement to De-Christianize the English language, and also to redefine the meaning of so many English words to the point where they aren't even coherent.  The result of this has been a problem and the breaking down of a solid system of communication.  Check out the video below.  D.A. Carson speaks about the meaning of the word Tolerance and how it is being perverted in our modern society.  Very interesting.

Another video by Carson on the Difference between Sin and Idolatry.


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