What Happens to Those Who Go To Hell?

I subscribe to the ministry of No Greater Joy. I personally don't agree 100% with them on some of their theology (Eschatology, beliefs on Calvinism, etc...), but when they draw the information they give directly from the Word, I cannot argue. We all aren't going to agree 100% anyway. I tend to have a little more of a conservative approach when interpreting the Bible. Sometimes Michael Pearl tends to take too many liberties when formulating his theology in my opinion. Therefore, I like to eat the meat and spit out the bones.  Many see some of their beliefs as controversial. One example would be some their views on Child rearing and family hierarchy.  I have seen a lot of fallout concerning this and I think that many have characterized them incorrectly.  Many have accused them of child abuse, and women hating.  However, if you hear the message from the Word and content of what they say, those accusations are far from the truth. They know that the Word is true when it speaks of the human heart and that children need instruction and consequences for sinful behavior.  All of which are bathed in love and grace. God created men and women for different purposes, but neither are valued more than the other. We just have different jobs. If anything, modern culture has abused children and women far more than traditional Christian family values and doctrine.  It is true that some have used God's Word incorrectly to justify evil deeds, and they have not heard its teaching. Nevertheless, I think that much of what the Pearls have taught on those two subjects come straight from the Bible and it is hard to argue with God.  It is true that one has to be careful when interpreting the Word and not minimize its message nor add to it.  I don't think there is anything wrong with adding an opinion, just as long as you state it as such. And I will give credit to Micheal Pearl. Most of the time, he lets you know when he is inserting an opinion. In the video below, Michael Pearl answers a question about hell. I personally think that his explanation is spot on.