What is The Preacher's Job?

I once had a desire to be a preacher.  I wanted to make a difference in the Church. I took some time to study the Bible not long after my conversion, and I saw that the local Church as a majority didn't seem to be modeling what I read.  So I went on a mission to reform the church. However, in the process I found that I was so morally bankrupt and not even close to being ready to lead a church that I bailed out and decided to wait.  I did lead a small few to Christ and I give God the glory because it is He that truly saves. One of those converts is now a preacher. Nonetheless, I found after attending seminary for a year that there was a lot more to full time preaching ministry than I thought.  I realized that before I could do that, I needed to grow up some and get my house in order.  After all, Jesus didn't begin his ministry until he was 30 and he was perfect! So what does it mean to be a preacher? What is the point?  How should we view our pastor? Should we compare him to a celebrity preacher? These are good questions.  Attached are a few videos from a couple of celebrity preachers on this. I think they did a fair job of addressing those questions.


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