Laughter: "What are the boundaries?"

"Sensible lovers laugh and, until they have a baby to laugh at, lovers are always laughing at each other. Marriage is serious, so serious that you cannot risk laughter’s absence. Fun and play encourage charity, courage, contentment, and other virtues. Many things can be said about marriage, but this lighthearted word I give you: make sure laughter is often in yours."  C.S. Lewis

I think that C.S. Lewis's comment is spot on, but at what point is humor good? When is it bad? What does Solomon mean when he said "it is better to be in the house of mourning than laughter? I wonder about this, and truly I haven't seen much on this subject.  For years I had a hard time laughing.  If I did laugh it was usually because I was cruelly mocking someone or watching others mock another person.  Unfortunately I still struggle with that from time to time.  I am finding by the grace of God that it is easier to avoid all of the time.  Humor and laughter is something not spoken of much in the Bible, and when it is, mockery is involved. I am beginning a study of this subject. I would like to know your thoughts on the matter. I am also looking for the difference between laughter, mockery, joy, rejoicing, and any other word centered around this subject of humor, laughter, and rejoicing. I will share my thoughts from time to time, but would sure like to hear yours.  God bless.


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