Amillennialsim: My leanings in End Times Theology

Not many years ago, Tim Lahaye dazzled people with his Left Behind Series, and I was one of those people.  I was all into the books, movies, and anything that had a dispensational philosophy.  However, as I have studied the Bible, I found an overriding theme that in the end is contrary to Lahaye's views.  The books are entertaining, and if the movies had a better budget, I figure they would have been pretty good too. Nevertheless, what does the Bible say about it?  I am still learning, but as I have studied so far, the only view that I can be confident of is Amillennialism.  There are many saints in history who have held this view, and if the sacred text is my only source, it is the only view that seems to make sense. There are a plethora of teachers who come on the Christian radio stations and have many books written who seem to be modern-day fortunetellers. They are either everything just short of predicting the end of the world or are trying to predict it.  They will try to line up current events with texts that point to a specific prophecy from the Old or New Testaments that isn't very clear.  Sometimes they will even delete texts trying to say that it isn't applicable to modern readers when it is a timeless truth.  They will say: "That is for Israel, not the church!" when all the while, they ignore the texts that say Israel is spiritual and not physical.  I suppose that my Eschatology (End Times view) is consistent with Covenant Theology where the Lahaye view is consistent with Dispensationalism. For more on this, check out the links and the video below. I like the fellas accent in the video!


Covenant Theology


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