Constructive Criticism from a Friend

I recently wrote a blog post about my personal view concerning Biblical Manuscripts.  I had a link to a article from another person who had similar views to me, but he is a little more dogmatic than I. In my comments before the link, I said " I go to a church right now that uses the ESV as the primary translation.  I don't fully agree with their choice, but their Theology is sound and they are the only Church in my area that chooses to be Biblical." I recently received a Facebook note from a local pastor friend of mine. It goes as follows:

It's been a long time since we've had any interaction. I usually don't get involved in things I read on the Internet, but because I consider you a friend I felt somewhat safe contacting you directly.

In your latest blog post about the reliability of the KJV versus modern versions you make the statement that you attend the only church in your area that chooses to be Biblical. From our conversations in the past, I think you may be referring to church government there, but it's not clear.

Maybe I have taken that the wrong way, but it feels like you have labeled all churches and pastors in this area, except the one you attend, as being unbiblical in their practice. Perhaps your statement wasn't intended as a charge against other churches, but can you see what light it puts other churches in?

I can't speak for any other church or pastor but mine and myself, but I do strive to be Biblical in everything I do and in leading my congregation. I guess our definition of what is Biblical could be different, but the still seems a bit harsh.

I hope you understand my concern.

You are much more studied on the version debate than I, so I'm out of my league in that discussion. But I would point out that it seems if a church used a modern translation based on unreliable manuscripts, eventually that unreliability would catch up with them somewhere down the road?

I have a long record for being very opinionated.  I have learned that you have to be careful in what you say and how you say it.  There are certain things that we should stand up for and defend, but if we aren't willing to confront those issues individually, we probably need to hold our tongue.  My post on the "Rebuttal of James White's Book" was one in which I didn't follow that wisdom.  I have to say that I have been disappointed in recent years with my personal church experience, but to make a blanket statement about all of the churches in my area isn't fair or considerate.  I actually haven't visited my friends church, and know he is a solid guy.  In the past we have had some excellent Theological discussions.  So for my part, I am going to go back and correct my mess, and if you have read the article referred to already and you live in our area, I apologize for my big mouth. I spoke out of ignorance.  I realize if you are a person who is putting your faith in Jesus Christ and have repented of your sins then you and I are all struggling to be faithful to our God.  Even if we disagree on some minor doctrines.  I also want to thank my faithful friend for being honest. There are few anymore who would do so.

Proverbs 27:6 NKJV "Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But the kisses of an enemy are deceitful."  



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