Gospel of Mark Discovery

I briefly want to say that I am excited about a recent archeological find by Dr. Dan Wallace who is a textual scholar and a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. I had the honor of corresponding with him through email a few years ago. It was back when I was struggling with the Greek Manuscript evidence of the New Testament. Even though my views were somewhat contrary to his at the time, he was very gracious and helpful. He and a team went to Egypt recently and found 7 manuscript fragments. One of the fragments are from the book of Mark. Mark visited Egypt in his journeys. These fragments date around 70 or 80 AD. He is tight lipped on many details at this point, but has revealed a lot so far. Below is a link to a manuscript of an interview he had recently. I hope you will take a look. I also encourage you to check out Wallace's works at bible.org. I am also going to leave a link about Mark the Evangelist.

Gospel of Mark Discovery


Mark the Evangelist


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