Learning from Liberals

I wanted to share the link below with you. Liberal Theology has done a lot of damage to peoples faith and assurance in the Bible (Matthew 13:1-23). Many have become confused and fallen away from the faith. In addition, modern skeptics and unbelievers have used the doubts raised by professing liberal scholars as ammunition against Jesus Christ and the truth of His word. They treat the Bible as a secular work rather than a preserved Word of truth. They use the evidence to produce conclusions of the Bible's origin that are inconsistent with history and divine preservation. Therefore, many truths are ignored. They are right to doubt mankind and the sins of history, but they ignore faith in God to preserve the truth. Even members of other religions begin to try and pick apart the truth and attempt to make it void by using doubts posed by modern and post-modern scholars. They haven't really been successful because of the lack of evidence and probability. I have seen Youtube videos where Muslims try to use the arguments of modern scholarship and disprove the Trinity because of scholars rejection of 1 John 5:7. Check out my blog post on 1 John 5: 7 here.  Many times when they try to disprove the Trinity they forget about all of the other texts about the Trinity in the Bible, especially the one's in the Modern Eclectic versions that aren't deleted. However, for the true believers in Jesus Christ, the challenge of doubt against the Word of God has strengthened their faith and they have dug deeper to find the answers and a stronger faith. I have grown in knowledge and faith through the study of Bible manuscripts, church history, and the preserved word of truth (the Bible) which is historically accurate. The link below will lead you to an interesting article. It is more broad and not as specific as what I sited on Bible history, but the principles still apply. I don't know if he agrees completely with my views on Bible manuscripts, but the principles still apply to that subject as well. It is true that we don't need to be mindless robots, but we should be careful and full of faith when handling the truth of God's written word. Never let anyone convince you that you aren't objective because you have faith in God and the Bible. I encourage you to click on the link below for more.

Learning from Liberals


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