1689 Baptist Confession: Fellowship of Believers

This is why it is important to be friends with those who you go to church with. We are a fellowship of believers. We should live life together.


27.1 All believers are united to Jesus Christ1 their Head by his Spirit and by faith,2 although this does not make them one person with him.3 Therefore they have fellowship in his graces, sufferings, death, resurrection, and glory.4 Being united to one another in love, they have fellowship in each other's gifts and graces,5 and are obliged to discharge their duties, both public and private, in an orderly way so as to ensure their mutual good in both spiritual and temporal matters.6
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27.2 By their profession, believers are obliged to maintain a holy fellowship and communion in the worship of God and in performing whatever spiritual services may promote their mutual edification.1 They should also relieve one another in temporal things according to their various abilities and needs.2 According to the rule of the Gospel, this fellowship applies particularly to family and church relationships,3 but as God offers opportunity, this fellowship is to be extended to all the 'household of faith', that is, all those in every place who call on the name of the Lord Jesus.4 Nevertheless, this fellowship with one another as believers does not take away or infringe on the personal ownership that each one has of his goods and possessions.5
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