1689 Baptist Confession: The State of People After Death and The Resurrection of The Dead

Well, we are almost done with the Baptist Confessions. I have enjoyed getting to share with you the Baptist history, and what our early founders believed. Their goal was to be as Scriptural as they could. The hope at that time was that the Baptist Church would be a reflection of the early New Testament Church. Just like the early church, I believe that early Baptists had the right idea. They had the right doctrine, church government, and fervor. However, it is my understanding that there are now at least 57 different Baptist denominations in North America, and who knows how many others in the world. It isn't the Bible, or this confession that messed it up. It is the unwillingness of men to follow the testimony of Scripture and the direction of our early church fathers. May we find peace in the testimony of God's holy Word, and the "Scriptural Traditions and Creeds" of our early church fathers. May we look back to them and "see" so that we may turn and repent as a church.


31.1 After death the bodies of people return to dust and undergo decomposition,1 but their souls (which neither die nor sleep for they are immortal in essence) immediately return to God who gave them.2 The souls of the righteous are then made perfect in holiness, they are received into paradise where they are with Christ and look on the face of God in light and glory, and wait for the full redemption of their bodies.3 The souls of the wicked are cast into hell, where they remain in torment and utter darkness, reserved for judgment on the great day [of judgment].4 For souls separated from their bodies, the Scripture acknowledges no other place than these two.
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31.2 On the last day, those believers who are still alive will not die, but will be changed.1 All the dead will be raised up2 with their own bodies3 (although these will have different qualities)4 that will be united again to their souls for ever.5
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31.3 By the power of Christ the bodies of the unrighteous will be raised to dishonour.1 By his Spirit2 the bodies of the righteous will be raised to honour,3 for they will be transformed to be like his own glorious body.4
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