Practice What You Preach

"Practice what you preach!" Something that many believe, and want to see from others, especially those who profess the glorious name of Jesus.  I admit that I have struggled greatly through the years staying on the right path. Many times I have fallen off, strayed off, been led off, and even deliberately ran off of the path.  Recently though, God has convicted me to practice what I preach. I have been doing well by the grace of God in some areas of life, but not all. I can do better. The quote below is from a Puritan writer. I am not sure who exactly, but it is a good quote. It is in the context of parenting, which is important and it hits home for me since I am one. Also, below that is a great video of Paul Washer giving a complete Gospel presentation. I found it to be very helpful.

 "Be sure to set a good example before your children.
Other methods of instruction probably will not do
Much good, if you don’t teach them by a godly example.
Don’t think your children will mind the good rules you
Give them if you act contrary to those rules yourselves.
If your counsels are good and your examples are evil,
Will be more likely to be hurt by the latter than benefited
By the former".


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