I Trust, O Christ, in You Alone - A Hymn and My Adopted Confession

I trust, O Christ, in you alone; No earthly hope avails me. You will not see me overthrown, when Satan's host assails me. No human strength, no earthly pow'r, can see me through the evil hour, for you alone my strength renew. I cry to you! I trust, O Lord, your promise true.

My sin and guilt are plaguing me; Oh, grant me true contrition. And by your death upon the tree, your pardon and remission. Before the Father's throne above, recall your matchless deed of love. That he may lift my dreadful load, O Son of God! I plead the grace your death bestowed.

Confirm in us your Gospel, Lord, your promise of salvation. And make us keen to hear your Word, and follow our vocation: To spend our lives in love for you, to bear each other's burdens too. And then, at last, when death shall loom, O Savior, come! And bear your loved ones safely home.

Konrad Hubert, 1507-77; tr. Gilbert E. Doan, b. 1930


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