Review: Mark Driscoll on Text and Translation - Pastor Jeff Riddle

I was reading the blog of Jeff Riddle this morning after reading a blog post by Mark Driscoll. Pastor Riddle and I agree on the Bible textual issue, and I wanted to know his opinion on this, so I decided to ask the following:

Phil: I just read a post from Voddie Bauchum (Who I listen to often) promoting a post from Mark Driscoll on Textual Criticism. The link is as follows:

I would like to know your thoughts on this. Even though I disagree with Driscoll's choice text, I thought this was a fair analysis except for when he quoted Dan Wallace.

Pastor Jeff Riddle responded: 

Thanks for this link! It provided fodder for today's WM (8.27.13). You can listen there for my review.


  • The audio from this is at the following link:


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