An Update To The Roy- Froy Conspiracy in "The Text of The New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration (4th edition)"

I wanted to present an update on the "rumor" that Erasmus added 1 John 5:7 with the pressure of the Roman Catholic Church by a fabricated manuscript from some obscure scribe named "Roy" or "Froy" that has been touted by Dan Wallace and other modern Critical Text Proponents. I like to call it the "Roy-Froy Conspiracy!"  In my last post on this subject called "1 John 5:7 - Verifying Sources Again" I shared a reference made in Bruce Metzger's book "The Text of The New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration (4th edition)" from page 101 and the reference to it's fabrication being on page 291. Well, I noticed recently that an edition online of this book made the assertion of the conspiracy on page 146, and the footnote is on the same page as footnote #22. You can see it in the text to your left. I have noticed that the footnote has been edited to make H. J. de Jonge's research on Erasmus appear to be more ambiguous. The old footnote is as follows:

"What is said on p. 101 above about Erasmus' promise to include the Comma Johanneum if one Greek manuscript were found that contained it, and his subsequent suspicion that MS. 61 was written expressly to force him to do so, needs to be corrected in light of the research of H. J. de Jonge, a specialist in Erasmian studies who finds no explicit evidence that supports this frequently made assertion; see his Erasmus and The Comma Johanneum', Epemerides Theologicae Lovanienses, lvi (1980), pp. 381-9." 

I am proud to see that the footnote is there on the same page.  I am a little disappointed to see the footnote whitewashed and edited from its original format. This is evidence in my mind that some people are willing to do whatever it takes to promote an idea. Minimize the opposition at all costs! Create straw men! You can access the book at the following site:

  • Tere are two links I would like to share on the subject of Textual Criticism that I have read and listened to. They are linked below. In these two presentation, you will find more evidence of one Modern Scholar creating straw man arguments and skewing information to promote an idea.

New Word Magazine (9.3.13): Review: Dan Wallace on Preservation


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