If You Are Going To Cling to An Old English Bible Version, Let It Be The Geneva Bible!

Many moons ago, you could call me a KJV or King James Version Onlyist. I was dedicated. "I" was in control! I liked to think I was zealous for truth. I was! I was just more immature in my faith and a little misguided. It is still my conviction that God in His providence moved the men who translated the King James Bible, but I also know that the head of the committees to translate the KJV appointed both Anglicans and Puritans, as to which the balance leaned more in favor of the Anglicans. This was a point of contention during the process at times. Don't get me wrong, I like the King James or "Authorized Version" well enough. It is a great translation, and is better than the Geneva Bible in many ways. One advantage that I think the KJV has over all of the other translations is the fact that it isn't copyrighted. It is truly "for the people" in that respect.  I also have learned a great deal from it, and believe that the source texts from which it comes is superior to the pieced out Modern Eclectic Text that is held in high honor among secular scholars today.

I am not a Greek or Hebrew scholar (Sometimes Strong's Concordance makes me look like one!) and am not able to translate on my own. I have to rely ultimately on the Sovereignty of God Almighty and the goodwill of the men whom He has appointed to translate the sacred message into English. Bible Translation is a form of ministry. Men who have been blessed to have the education to read ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Latin are giving of themselves and faithfully telling us what the Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, and Jesus said. They are helping us by giving a gift. The gift of truth. God has moved them. The Apostles gave a charge to the Church to "preserve" their doctrine, and it has been preserved. I also believe that the Devil has his translators as well. They are false brethren, and the Bible itself testifies of this. Therefore, we should be careful what we stand behind.

I think that the Geneva Bible was and is an excellent translation. Personally, I prefer it over the KJV. If you are going to read a classic Bible version, then pick up the Geneva Bible! It is old English, but certainly worth your time and effort to decipher through. It is more difficult to read than the ESV, but is easier to read than Ancient Greek. Not only will you get a taste of the Reformation, but you will get a taste of good English. The footnotes are golden. I hope that you will purchase and take the time to read and study the Geneva Bible, and get a look into the Bible of the "Pilgrims."

To purchase a Geneva Bible, go to http://genevabible.com/


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