The State of Things in The World Around Us - J.C. Ryle

I read the following in a book by J.C. Ryle called "Old Paths" on pages 13 & 14, Chapter 1.

"The Bible alone explains the state of things that we see in the world around us. There are many things on earth which natural man cannot explain. The amazing inequality of conditions, - the poverty and distress, - the oppression and persecution, - the shakings and tumults, the failures of statesmen and legislators, - the constant existence of uncured evils and abuses, - that the prince of the world, the devil, is everywhere, - and that it is vain to look for perfection in the present order of things. The Bible will tell him that neither laws nor education can ever change men's hearts, - and that just as no man will ever make a machine work well, unless he allows for friction, - so also no man will do much good in the world, unless he always remembers that human nature is fallen, and that the world he works in is full of sin. The Bible will tell him this time shall not be brought in by any power but that of Christ coming to earth again. And for that second coming of Christ, the Bible will tell him to prepare. Once more, I say, how important is all this knowledge!"


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