To God the Holy Spirit Let Us Pray

The following hymn is one of my favorite Lutheran Hymns. It isn't one that is as well known as some others, but it was written by Martin Luther himself! It is a valuable composition, and speaks richly to my soul and what I should pray for every day.

To God the Holy Spirit Let Us Pray

To God the Holy Spirit let us pray
Most of all for faith upon our way
That He may defend us when life is ending
And from exile home we are wending.
Lord, have mercy!
O sweetest Love, Your grace on us bestow;
Set our hearts with sacred fire aglow
That with hearts united we love each other,
Every stranger, sister, and brother.
Lord, have mercy!
Transcendent Comfort in our every need,
Help us neither scorn nor death to heed
That we may not falter nor courage fail us
When the foe shall taunt and assail us.
Lord, have mercy!
Shine in our hearts, O Spirit, precious light;
Teach us Jesus Christ to know aright
That we may abide in the Lord who bought us,
Till to our true home He has brought us.
Lord, have mercy!


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