It's Okay To Say: "I Don't Know."

Say it with me once. "I don't know." Perfection isn't attainable you know. Only by God's grace can one be complete. Somewhere and somehow, we have been deceived into thinking we can know everything. There is an expectation by many to "know" everything. I don't "know" exactly where it came from, but so many think they know everything. Well, at least they act that way. Knowledge is a beautiful thing. I am in favor of knowing as much as possible, but wisdom is lacking. There are many unknowable things that men won't just admit to. Men fight and argue much over the things they don't know. Many are willing to steal, kill, and destroy over what they don't know. I hear Christians and non-Christians bloviate constantly over things they "think" they know. Don't get me wrong, I like to discuss theory and beliefs, but if the evidence is ambiguous, I should state it as such. I know that God created the earth, but "how" exactly; I am not sure. I am not a 6,000 year earth creationist like Ken Ham, but I am not an Evolutionist like Bill Nye. I am not a Theistic Evolutionist either. I would say that I fall somewhere between Ham and a Theistic Evolutionist. You can make a very solid case for the existence of God, and there are forms of evolution (micro-evolution) that can be observed and tested. A literal 6,000 year creation is possible, but the Biblical account is such that we can't be entirely sure. However, Macro-evolution has never been tested or observed, and we cannot be sure of such a conclusion either (even though it is taught as scientific fact in public schools). I am an Amillennialist, and am happy to believe such a conclusion about the account of the end times. However, I have been accused by some as not being a Christian simply because I don't believe in Pre-rapture, Dispensational Eschatology. They are so sure. However, the evidence doesn't contain such a dogmatic conclusion. I believe the Bible to be true, but have serious doubts that those Modern Textual Scholars are correct when they say the Modern Critical Text is the "closest" to the original. They don't know that any more than I know whether or not the Traditional Text (Textus Receptus, GB, NKJV, KJV, etc..) is closer. God could have made things more certain, but He chose not to. Therefore, only hold to what you can know. Be fair and charitable on the things you don't know for sure, and when the evidence is scant, be fair and admit it. Tell those you disagree with that you could be wrong. I know it's hard. You can do it! I think that is my real issue. I am not against a man who holds to a 6,000 year creation and believes in a Dispensational Eschatology, but I would hope that he would be honest and give room for disagreement. Many of the doctrines of Dispensational Eschatology ignore parts of the Bible. It is not as sure as the proponents say. Historically, the doctrine was an invention of the Roman Catholic Church to steer Protestants away from the Historicism view, which was held at that time by the Reformers. That is a historical fact. They thought that the Pope was the Anti-Christ. Whether or not Dispensational Eschatology is true, I don't know. I personally don't think so, but you are free to disagree. Everything is black and white, but only God knows for sure. I trust in the Bible and am dogmatic about the essential doctrines of the faith; but on doubtful things, I am open for opposing views. You should be too. 


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