The Way of The Dark One - Epistle of Barnabas

20. The Way of the Dark One, on the other hand, is crooked and altogether accursed: it is the way to eternal death and punishment. In it is found everything that corrupts the soul of men: idolatry, rashness, the pomp of power, hypocrisy, duplicity, adultery, murder, robbery pride, lawlessness, deceitfulness, malice, surliness, sorcery, magic, covetousness, want of the fear of God. Here belong persecutors of the good, haters of the truth, lovers of falsehood; men ignorant of the reward for right living, not devoted to what is good, or to just judgment; men who neglect widow and orphan, who are on the alert, not because they fear God, but because they are bent on vice; who are utter strangers to gentleness and patient endurance; men who love vanities, and fee hunters; who have no heart for the poor, take no trouble about the oppressed, are prone to slander, do not know their Maker; murderers of children, destroyers of God’s image; men who turn away from the needy, oppress the afflicted, act as counsel for the rich, are unjust judges of the poor; in a word-men steeped in sin.” Epistle of Barnabas A.D. 130-131 pp. 63-64 (Ancient Christian Writers)


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