The Way of Light - Epistle of Barnabas

"19. The Way of Light, then, is as follows; and whoever desires to make his way to the appointed place must be actively at work. Now, the Knowledge granted us to enable us to walk in this way embraces the following points: Love your Maker; reverence your Creator; glorify Him who ransomed you from death; abhor everything not pleasing to God; detest every form of hypocrisy; do not by any means neglect the commandments of the Lord. Do not carry your head high, but be ever in a humble frame of mind; do not reach out for personal glory; do not plot evil against your neighbor; do not open your heart to presumption. Do not fornicate; do not commit adultery; do not practice pederasty; do not let the Word of God escape your lips in the presence of any that are impure. Make no distinction between man and man when correcting anyone's transgression. Be gentle, be quiet; with trembling treasure the instructions you have received. Do not bear malice against your brother. Do not waver in your decision. Do not take the name of the Lord in vain. Love your neighbor more than yourself. Do not kill a fetus by abortion, or commit infanticide. Do not withdraw your hand from your son or daughter; but from their youth teach them the fear of God. Do not covet your neighbor's goods; do not be greedy. Do not be on intimate terms with the powerful, but associate with holy and lowly folk. Accept as blessings the casualties that befall you, assured that nothing happens without God. Do not be double-minded or double-tongued, for the double tongue is a deadly snare. In reverence and fear be submissive to your masters as representatives of God. Do not when embittered, give orders to your slave, male or female, for they hope in the same God; otherwise, they might lose the fear of God, who is the Master of you both. He surely did not come to call with an eye to rank or station in life; no, He comes to those whom the Spirit has prepared. Share everything with your neighbor, and do not say: "It is private property;" for if you are sharers in what is imperishable, how much more so in the things that perish! Do not be hasty of tongue, for the tongue is a deadly snare. As far as you can, be pure to save your soul. Do not be the one that opens his hands to receive, but shuts them when it comes to giving. Love as the pupil of your eye anyone that explains to you the Word of the Lord. Day and night remember the Day of Judgment. Seek daily the companionship of the saints. Are you proficient in speaking? Then go to comfort, and endeavor to save, an afflicted soul. Do you work with your hands? Then pay a ransom for your sins. Do not hesitate to give, and do not give in a grumbling mood; you will find out who is your good Rewarder. Hold fast to the traditions, neither adding nor subtracting anything. Hate evil incessantly. Be just in your judgment. Do not start a schism, but pacify contending parties. Confess your sins. Do not come to prayer with a guilty conscience. Such is the Way of Light."  Epistle of Barnabas A.D. 130-131 pp. 62 & 63 (Ancient Christian Writers).


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