Premillennialsim: A Deeper Study

Those of you interested in the end times as it is presented in Scripture know that there are many views out there. Now I know quite a few Premillennialists, and believe that they are sincere and many are believers. However, I think they have a fundamental misunderstanding about what the Bible teaches when it comes to this subject of the End Times (eschatology). When one uses the basic rules of interpretation (hermeneutics), he or she will find that the Bible paints a different picture concerning the end of the world and the world to come as presented by most popular Bible teachers. Though I don't agree 100% with this group on every subject, I think the video below paints an accurate picture concerning the fallacies of Premillennialism and especially Dispensational Premillennialism, which is the most popular (and entertaining) view. I hope this is helpful.


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