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Revisiting 1 John 5:7

1 John 5:7 - "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit: and these three are one."

(My first edition of this post was incomplete and I had some misinformation to correct concerning my own lack of clarity. Unfortunately this is why we need to be careful what we write on the internet. I believe I have cleared it up now.)

If you have read this blog in the past, you know that I am a big supporter of the Traditional Greek Text of the New Testament. I am not a KJV onlyist though I sometimes get balled in with them. I support the Traditional compilation of Greek witnesses for the New Testament, which the KJV (King James Version) was translated from. I have various reasons, but probably the main one is that I haven't seen any evidence contrary to the Traditional readings that present them as invalid. I have been studying this for several years from more of a historical angle since I am not proficient in Koine Greek. However, I hav…


Have you ever wondered why some people like to flaunt their education? Well, I am not sure why, but I see a lot of it these days. I am sure you have run into those folks who love to use great swelling words to impress you with. You know the kind of words that you never hear or understand after they are spoken. The kind that you have to look up in the dictionary. I suppose the good thing is that now with smartphones you can look it up on the spot where once upon a time you had to wait until you got home to look it up, that is of course if you know how to spell it!. Now, I am a church going southerner and I love the Lord and the study of the Bible; However, I am a little puzzled by the incessant use of Latin and Greek transliterations and great swelling Theological terminology. Well, you know a transliteration is taking a word from another language and using it in your own language, and those fellas that went to Seminary or Bible College love to use transliterations. There are more tran…