Does Anyone Know What The Function of The Government Should Be?

I haven't shared my political views much on this blog; however, I think it is important to consider a few things when deciding what principles, you should expect out of a political candidate or any leader for that matter. One thing that is obvious to everyone is that we experience good and evil all of the time. Due to this irrefutable evidence, we are faced with choices every day to either choose to do good or evil. We also have to decide how to deal with evil when it comes to us. The greatest evil we face is the evil within. It's that thing in you that gets angry for no reason at all and will cause you to regret a great many things if it isn't controlled. The corruption of everything around us is evident from rust to cancer. Everything and everyone has the stench of death attached to it. I have been very fortunate to live in the United States. There is no doubt that we have a lot of problems, but so far it has been a fair journey for me. I am concerned though. It mainly has to do with what I have observed in those around me and also in the public eye. It seems that everyone has a pet project, and if they can only get their congressman or the President to sign off on it, they can get it accomplished at the expense of others. You see, the new philosophy is actually an old one. Pirates donned it as their motto: "Take all you can!"

The Problem With Looking to The Government for Everything
It's a commendable thing to have principles to stand upon. However, when an individual, lobbyist, or activist group seeks to foist their ideals upon the population because they believe it is best, then problems of a disproportional amount will rise and then compound for everyone. There are Progressives that are seeking to sink our current form of government by using it against itself. Liberals want to use the government to force others to be charitable (which isn't charity) to the causes that they think are best. Hawks are seeking to use the government as a tool to foster political gain in foreign lands using military power to achieve an advantage concerning resources and economic gain. Conservatives are limited in what they want to force others to pay, but many times they really aren't conservative and their hypocrisy shines when pressured by Progressives and Liberals. Libertarians? Well, there aren't enough of them. The Libertarian that is now running for President isn't a consistent Libertarian. The problem is that there are numbers of groups pressuring congressmen and the executive branch, seeking to get their pet projects funded with taxpayer and borrowed dollars. Corporations are seeking to strong-arm smaller companies to maintain a monopoly and therefore stifling economic and technological development. Other groups that have a cause are seeking to gain some sort of advantage by getting a law passed or gain some kind of funding to force others to comply with their notions whether it be a social or environmental issue. Whatever happened to people minding their own business? So many folks think that "if they could just pass this law," or "if we could just get the government to fund our cause," then "everything will be great!" Every two years there is a campaign, and the politicians are all seeking an edge to see who can give the masses back their own tax money (that was confiscated) and money borrowed from the Federal Reserve or somewhere else. The end result is that we gain a truckload of useless laws that only help those who are virulent busybodies and oppress those who are minding their own business. People in other countries who don't really care for us just grin and say: "It won't be long! They will destroy themselves for their lack of self-control!" If you don't believe me, just read some of the commentary that comes out of some of these other countries and study the fall of the Roman Empire (It's an eye opener!). Rome taxed and spent their way to poverty and destruction. They constantly fought useless wars, taxed heavily, spent that money on things that weren't very useful for the public benefit, and fell into the delusion of a Utopia in a fallen and sinful world. The main problem with seeking the government to solve your issue is that it won't really provide a solution. It's like taking Ibuprofen for a headache. It masks the symptom, but doesn't address the source of the pain. First of all, the money has to be paid back, and the tax money is being confiscated from individuals and businesses who worked for that money and deserve to be paid for their efforts. Second the laws being written today are not consistent with the Constitution and its original intent.
Life, Liberty, and Property
During the time of the founders, they realized that freedom was a valuable thing and that it should be available to them. Government should only exist to protect life, liberty, and property. Now I am aware that freedom for all wasn't viewed in the correct manner due to the fact that antebellum slavery was still in effect, and many today will exploit that fact to try and discredit the principles laid out in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. That being said, not all of the founders were in agreement with slavery and sought to free slaves when and if they could. Some of them kept slaves, but only to provide a haven for them due to the wrong views of the majority. Nevertheless, in spite of that, the principles laid out to protect life, liberty, and property were excellent and should give us an opportunity to say: "We can do it better!" However, people in our day have elected to go back into bondage by adopting and presuming the principles of the Progressive Movement. It is a difficult thing to maintain, yet it is easy. The difficulty lies with us. We have to decide to take responsibility for our own actions and not make excuses for ourselves or anyone else. This idea of “fairness” in our world is a fairytale and will never exist. We live in the land of the “knowledge of good and evil.” Therefore, inequality of circumstances unfortunately will always exist until our Lord returns. That being said, Jesus taught us to level the playing field as much as possible through “voluntary” charity. Government never has nor will serve to be a good donation bank; because, in order to do so, they have to violate the freedom and property of some to achieve their goal, which is a crime all on its own. The best system of government is a “free” system. Did you know that we only had three Federal laws in the beginning? Now we have so many, we can’t even read the Federal Statute in one lifetime. What a tragedy.

The Downside of Freedom
There is a downside to freedom. One of the things that people expect these days is perfection. They go to the government seeking a solution to all their problems and hoping that somehow the Congressman or President will somehow “make it all better.” Do you remember that woman who thought that all of her debts were going to be paid when President Obama was elected in 2008? She’s not the only one who got a notion like that. When FDR ran and got elected, there were many who thought he would cure all of their woes. However, what he did is prolong them through invasive government intervention. Honest economists will tell you that if F.D.R. had left things alone, the economy would have bounced back sooner. It is men like him that started much of these things we see today. Politicians try to fix everyone’s problems, but as a result compound them due to the fact that government isn't designed to do that. Government is a means to maintain law and order based on the simple principles of justice that protect life, liberty, and property. When they fail to do this and begin meddling in other affairs, they only contribute to human suffering rather than stay it. What is sad is that I have not seen many politicians tell these poor people who expect them to fix their problems: “Ma’am or Sir, that isn't the function of government!” No, what happens is that the politician sees the opportunity and seizes the moment to gain a vote or even a multitude of them. This shows the level of degradation and ignorance that mankind has sunk to and what godlessness looks like. They don’t mind lying because they have no fear of God, and if they don’t know any better, they shouldn't be running for office. The downside of freedom is that men are free to be evil as long as it doesn't violate life, liberty, or property. The problem is that now those evil men and women darken the halls of the legislature and the executive chair. They have no fear of God, so they violate these principles. The problem with Libertarianism without God is that it will only lead to anarchy. However, Libertarianism with God is a fairly close view of the founders vision. The problem with a free system of Government is that people are free to be foolish and stupid. People are free to not care and fail in business and life. The founders knew this, and that is why many of them said that our system could not exist unless it was managed by a godly and moral group.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Franklin was queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation. In the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention, a lady asked Dr. Franklin “Well, Doctor what have we got, a republic or a monarchy.”  Franklin replied, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.”

People many times like the idea of freedom until they lose something or experience some kind of pain or suffering. You see, pain and suffering is something that cannot be ended until the “King of Kings” returns in all of His glory. No system of government can end that fact. You may as well give up on the idea. No, with all of its downsides, freedom is far better than tyranny.

The Upside of Freedom
There are more upsides to freedom than downsides. Some people will point to their poverty and try to make a case that if the “government” will just make things “fair,” then they could succeed in life. When the government tries to accommodate people who think that way, only trouble comes and a lack of opportunity results, even for the ones that they are seeking to help. You see, people who always point to their excuses as to why they aren’t successful, will not succeed even when government removes them. If you don’t believe me, just look at the life of Booker T. Washington or Albert Einstein. They were born into a serious disadvantage than their peers, yet they surpassed them. Why? Because they were free and able to fail, learn from their failures and then succeed. Progressives want to make “subjects” out of everyone. If they thought that their ideas were so great, they would be willing to live under them. Why isn’t Congress or the President willing to live under the “Affordable Care Act?” Because it is a horrible system that enslaves everyone into a locked system of mediocrity and substandard health-care. In a free system we are able to go to the doctor of our choice, not one that the government or insurance company chooses for us. Doctors are also free to make better decisions for the patient. Under a Statist Regime they are limited in their options and many times are not able to do what is needed. Yes you are free to fail and make dumb decisions in a free society, but you are also free to adjust your strategy and learn from your mistakes. The government in an effort to help or gain some kind of safety and comfort for all end up limiting everyone and stifling true progress. Most of the time they don’t do it for us, but rather for their own gain. You see, it is only moral men and women who make correct and unselfish decisions. It is those kind of people we need in government, to tell everyone to live and let live and that the function of government isn’t to make everyone’s lives comfortable and easy, but rather to protect life, liberty, and property. That is their only function, and we have strayed far off of the path.

“Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor...” George Washington


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