Origen on Original Sin

It is said, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God,"(Matt. 5:8) Yet, the strength of our will is not sufficient to procure the perfectly pure heart. So we need for God to create it. Therefore, he who prays as he should offers this petition to God, "Create in me a clean heart, Oh God." We maintain that human nature is in no way able to seek after God, or to obtain a clear knowledge of him without the help of him whom we seek. And he makes himself known to those who, after doing all that their powers will allow, confess that they need help from him, who reveals himself to those whom he approves.
Origen Adamantius was born in 184 A.D. in Alexandria, Egypt, and spent most of his life there. He wasn’t only a student and teacher of Theology, but also Philosophy, Textual Criticism, Biblical hermeneutics, and preaching. He was an early Christian Ascetic, and wrote many works in Greek, which are available today. Origen was caught, tortured, and martyred under the Roman Emperor Decius, in Tyre, Lebanon in 258 A.D.
There are many who try to spread an Urban Legend that Augustine of Hippo invented original sin and they teach that it is a false teaching. However, you will see that not only is original sin evident in Scripture and nature, but the Ante-Nicene Fathers spoke of it also. Check out my previous post on Irenaeus.


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