The Seen and The Unseen

The mundane can be a lonesome and desolate place. The daily grind that is a series of familiar events at home and at work. Another ball game, another visit to a customer, another long day at the office or in the field. Its repetition is like a factory conveyor belt, whirling around and around. Is there more? Is this all I have to look forward to? There is a great dullness that hinders our being due to an inward stirring and restlessness that pervades our very being. Where did this come from? Oh, discontentment is a natural defect that we have. We always are led to believe that if we were somewhere else, doing something else, we would be at peace. It is the problem with all humans. It stirs up good and evil emotions that grip and control us. We haven't always been taught to value the mundane, its peace and tranquility. Perhaps it is because we aren't very observant. I have found that when the scales fall off of our eyes, we can see again and then realize that the mundane isn't so dull after all. The quiet breeze pushing down an alley in a small town with just the rustling of leaves and a bird chirping distantly. A deer feeding in a small thicket just on the edge of town, not knowing she has been discovered. A mother walking out of the dentist office with her child, wiping a tear from his cheek due to the terror he experienced because of the strange people and noises in the building. He probably felt some pain too! An old man walking a little dog down the street. It isn't his dog really, but it belonged to his late wife who loved and adored him. He keeps the dog and diligently cares for him as he daily remembers his wife and the years they spent together in peace and tranquility. There were bad times too, but today they don't seem so unappealing. Oh how he would give anything just to spend another mundane passage of time with her on a fall afternoon. We learn in many ways. Observation is probably one of the big ones. You would be surprised at what you will see if you take your eyes off of your daily grind for a moment and just look around. In the end it might be therapeutic for your body and soul. Who knows, you might even find a new purpose. Love your neighbors, observe them and cherish the gifts of God. Life is only dull if you don't regard what surrounds you. The seen and the unseen.


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