Podcast List for The Week! 4/18/2020 How to Read the Constitution, Enlightenment Era Reasoning, Manicheans and Light Poop

During the week I usually have the opportunity to listen to some great podcasts. My interests are mostly in the things that people usually get worked up about, but I figure life would be boring if we all thought the same way. That being said, I think that my list of podcasts will be encouraging and thought provoking. You may not have enough time to check them all out, but I am hopeful you'll be able to at least check out a few. Here is my list:


These podcasts are an essential listen concerning the importance of understanding the Constitution of the United States in its original context, and how the Founders desired for the powers to be decentralized.


Dr. Riddle tackles the importance of holding to a Traditional Protestant view of the Holy Scriptures, the logical conclusion of the Enlightenment Era, and how one must not only believe in the inspiration of the original autographs, but also the preservation of the apographs. 

Though I don't always agree with Dr. White on textual issues, I usually agree with him otherwise. I read Dr. Ken Wilson's book, and am thankful for Dr. White's response. He shines a much needed light on a misrepresented subject. The videos will take some time to sift through, but are worth your time if you are interested in Church History, Manicheism, Augustine, Calvin, Luther, the Apostolic Fathers, the Ante-Nicene Fathers, and proper Hermeneutics concerning the Holy Scriptures. According to the Manichean view of things, we are just sparks of light pooped out by the divine energy.....


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