Podcast List For The Week 5/2/2020 Biblical English as Related to Greek and Hebrew, Has there been a "major shift" in the goal(s) of text criticism? The Text of The Bible and Postmodernism, Board Games, Biden's Days are Numbered, The Puritans and Their Evangelistic Methods

It has been an interesting week. Work has been extremely busy and it seems like each day is a blur. I have had some time to listen to a few podcasts, but not as much as I would like. The first one in particular is one I wanted to revisit since the misconception is still being put forward that the Authorized Version or King James Version of the Bible was translated into Elizabethan or Jacobean English when in fact it wasn't. The structure of the KJV is in fact unique, and this podcast will clarify the issue with the truth concerning the fact of the perceived archaic translation.

In the next two podcasts Dr. Jeff Riddle brings up the recent shift in the Scientific Discipline of Textual Criticism and its evolution since the Enlightenment Era. Most leading scholars have "given up" the quest to find the "original text" of the Bible and have resigned their studies to the pile of facts we possess today. The idea of Divine Preservation and Infallibility is out of bounds for a whole host of reasons, and the main reason for this is that Textual Criticism is a discipline that is subservient to a Rationalistic system which is a slave to a strict Materialist worldview. One of the reason believing scholars are being left behind is that their hope to recover an original is an irrational venture according to the Secular Materialists who dominate the art. A strict adherence to material fact, and a scientific theory hinders the scholarly conclusions from seeing anything as authentic. Also, what is truly a theory is put forth as truth, which is a problem in the speculative sciences. This is something that wouldn't make it in the Agricultural and Mechanical Sciences, but the kind of structures they are building are eternal, whether they know it or not. Most of the Evangelical world has swallowed their scholarship, and see them as experts in the field, when facts that contradict their theory are hidden and dismissed. Both of these podcasts are worth your time.

What do board games teach us about life? During the time of this Pandemic, folks are stuck and trying to find things to do. This podcast covers the evolution of board games, where they are going, and the goals that they possess. Brett McKay has an interesting and in-depth conversation with Jonathan Kay on this subject.

Regardless of what you think about the election, Doug Wilson's analysis concerning Joe Biden is one that I think is highly probable concerning his future. That being said, nobody knows for sure. Wilson's Hamartiology section is always excellent and his book review is interesting as well.

Last but not least, below is an excellent sermon on the Puritans and their methods of evangelism. If our churches today would adhere to such Scriptural methods, I think the quality of those brought to the faith would be much higher, and there would be far more authentic conversions.


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